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Why consult a psychologist?

Most of us will experience some time in our lives personal difficulties such as being depressed or stressed out, or will be faced with difficult circumstances such as bereavement, a break up or a job loss. Unfortunately, we cannot always find within us the necessary resources to cope with these situations.  It may therefore be useful to consult a psychologist, who is a professional trained to help you overcome these difficulties.


Psychotherapy: What for?


1)    Understanding and analyzing my own reactions and the relation between my emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

2)    Accepting some difficult circumstances. This process parallels and follows “Understanding and analyzing”.

3)    Making changes

  • Bring about positive changes in my life by replacing problem behaviors with healthy ones.
  • Learn new ways of being and doing things.


Examples of themes worked through in psychotherapy



  • Symptoms, behaviors or reactions that are bothersome or a nuisance.
  • Dissatisfaction in a particular area of life (e.g. at work; in romantic relationships).
  • Where I am at in my life.
  • The influence of past experiences on my current life.



  • Who I am in order to develop to my full potential and face life’s obstacles with more serenity and strength.
  • A particularly difficult situation (e.g. grieving over a loved one; loss of a job).
  • Past life experiences and finding peace within.



  • By learning how to cope with overwhelming emotions, stress, anxiety or other symptoms.
  • By enhancing my social skills, learning to better communicate, self-assert, deal with conflicts, stand up for myself and speak in public.
  • By strengthening my self-esteem, my self-confidence and demanding other’s respect.
  • By undoing overwhelming negative self-views and self-depreciation.
  • By enhancing my motivation to attain my goals.
  • By finding harmony between my rational and emotional sides.
  • By connecting with my emotions, which will help me recognize my affective needs. Therefore, each decision I make will be based on my core emotional needs as well as my reason.
  • By learning how to stop or diminish unhealthy behaviors or problematic symptoms.


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